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This is therapy and this is counselling

But it's more than that. The Bulb Booth is a therapeutic programme of wellbeing, which we can explore together in one to one therapy sessions on-video and on-phone, and you can access anytime here on-line.

Staying unstuck.

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Being human can be tricky

We can all get stuck. We can get stuck in our heads and our feelings, in relationships, work, our obsessions and compulsions, stuck in unhelpful behaviours and unhelpful ways of seeing things.

The way of The Booth.

A therapeutic programme of wellbeing

At The Bulb Booth [it's a metaphor, we don't actually get into a booth] we know that every one of us can stay unstuck and make better sense of how life feels.

So, we've centred our therapeutic programme here on-line, providing a step by step resource that you can refer to and return to anytime.


And we can connect live on-video and on-phone, to explore The Bulb Booth's therapeutic approach together in our one to one therapy sessions.

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Keeping it accessible.

We can also help with costs

While coronavirus continues to leave many of us with financial uncertainties, all Fees have switched to participatory pricing or PWYW [Pay What You Want].

That's connecting on-video and on-phone, with on-line access to the therapeutic programme that our one to one sessions revolve around.

At your pricing;
with a value-for-value payment set by you.

If you find The Bulb Booth helps, do let others know that they can access it too.

You're the expert.

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We can manage this

We believe that everything you need to stay unstuck, is in you. It always has been.

We make sense of life through a combination of emotional, mental, physical and connective experiencing.

Connective Experiencing: Our individual sense of purposeful connection which may have relational, spiritual, faith or scientific groundings.

At The Bulb Booth, we feel that this holistic system evolved to advance us as humans, not to burden or trip us up. Rediscovering effective understanding and harnessing of this experiencing, is perhaps a principal opportunity for us all.

It may not feel like it at times, but you are the expert in what you need. So, with a safe place to get started, let's see how we can switch it all on.

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