How do we work?

We work to progress therapy and counselling

The Bulb Booth taps into an ever-growing world of solutions, through a blend of proven therapeutic approaches and progressive learning methods.

How do we approach it?

By understanding we're all human

We know there's logic in the way each of us respond to the life situations we're facing. Even when those responses can leave us feeling stuck and lost.

So, at the core of The Bulb Booth approach is a beautifully simple way to map out an understanding of where we all are in our living experience. The resulting clarity can be like a light being switched on; a light bulb moment. [Hence the name].

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This clarity allows a better response

The Bulb Booth embraces many therapeutic approaches, life programmes and orators. Central of which is ACT: Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

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This burgeoning and evidence-based therapy model has been uniquely tailored, simplified and woven into the way of The Bulb. It’s the proven way we check our approaches and balance our responses.

How do we step inside?

Just come on in

Usually as we begin connecting, you'd receive a password to step Inside The Booth. While coronavirus continues to impact on us, The Booth is open to all.


How do we talk?

Simply get in touch

Head to our Connecting page and get in touch. We'll then start looking at how we can best work together:

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